Wedding Dance choreography   Thank you Corinda, you really were sitting on our shoulder as the dance was perfect!!
We had so much fun and we were even given marks by 2 of our guests, 2
counts of 10
- so we must have been doing something right! All your hard work paid off, in fact I am having a problem in stopping Peter grabbing hold of me, and going straight into the "box step"......…. We loved our dance, and so did all our guests.  It really was pleasure to have met you and I look forward to making an arrangement in a few weeks for us to meet up again……Angela and Peter

Wedding Dance choreography 2014   The dance went well thank you - it was not just Adele who was anxious!  but got through it from start to finish very smoothly and our guests said it looked really good.  Certainly appreciated the lessons - I don't think I could have done it otherwise - and to have all your ideas on the choreography was invaluable........Adele and Ian

Wedding Dance choreography    Duncan and I managed our first dance  There was an awful lot of cheering and clapping and it seemed to get lots of positive feedback! We are so grateful to you for all of your time and patience - and if we were to hear of anyone local looking for your kind of expertise, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you….Plus you were also just such a lovely lady!!…….Liz and Duncan

Wedding Dance choreography  We had the most amazing day and everything turned out beautifully. The dance went well.  We just loved doing it!……Katrina and Geoff

Wedding Dance choreography  We completed our wedding dance and it felt amazing. What mattered were our emotions we put in our dance and the way we looked each other..When we were doing our dance a lot of our guests had tears in their eyes. When we asked to our guests what would be those few special moments and highlights from our wedding day, nearly everyone mentioned our dance. I guess it means, that our dance was a success.  Our performance was amazing!
We would like to say a big thank you to you, for your time and patience! We enjoyed every second of our dance lessons! Thank you one more time!…..Laura and Ingus 

Wedding Dance choreography    Wedding was perfect. The dance went really well.   My sister was very emotional and was crying, the guests loved it as it wasnt your typical stand and sway for five minutes.  Thank you……..Natalie and Dave

Wedding Dance choreography   As for the wedding it was fantastic and the dance went down a storm, thank you so much for all your efforts with us 2 left footers!!!!  Luckily Anne actually allowed me to lead so when she forgot a step I could recover the situation.  Once again thank you so much for you expert tuition and patience, it made it a very special first dance for us and all our friends……….Phil and Anne

Wedding Dance choreography   The wedding was amazing!! I could happily do it all aver again but without the stress.  All guest loved the dance although I messed up ( but they didn't know). They were calling us 'strictly come dancing.  After that Jason got so much more confidence that when we went for a summer ball last week he was the one to rush me to finish my dinner to go and dance, and he was fantastic!......Izzy and Jason

Wedding Dance choreography 2013   As for the wedding it was fantastic and the dance went down a storm, thank you so much for all your efforts with us 2 left footers!!!!. Anne now keeps telling me "ears" to stand up straight and I have to admit I did bend over slightly during the dance. Luckily Anne actually allowed me to lead so when she forgot a step I could recover the situation!!      Once again thank you so much for you expert tuition and patience, it made it a very special first dance for us and all our friends......... Anne and Phil

Wedding Dance choreography    We had an amazing wedding. The day flew by, but there were some massive highlights which will stay clear in our minds forever, one of these was The First Dance!First of all, absolutely NOBODY was expecting anything more than a shuffle. So when we took our positions at opposite ends of the dance floor, there was confused silence. We missed the first few beats of the song but Helen expertly cut out a few steps and we were straight into it. It went brilliantly - everything went according to plan! You were right about "fighting the dress", if you look at the photos, my legs seemed to disappear into a cloud of white. But we did all of our twirls and absolutely loved it!  Helen's mom and my mom were so proud and shocked, I think a few tears were shed.So a massive THANK YOU for making this magical moment possible, especially considering that neither of us knew anything about dancing to begin with.We have even had some serious conversation about how we can continue dancing in the future.We'll contact you again when we have the video and the official photos, but in the meantime we just wanted to share the news and express our profound gratitude.........Helen and Barry

Wedding Dance choreography    Our guests loved it and despite our stage fright, we thoroughly enjoyed doing it!  So glad we made the effort and went ahead with it!  We did mess up at one part, but I don't think anyone noticed!!............Gill and Baz

Wedding Dance choreography    Thank you so much for all your help and guidance   for our first dance. We loved every moment of it! I did mess up a little where I had to do a turn because the skirt of my dress was so large, but it didn't matter! Our guest said they didn't notice! (I don't know if they were just being polite!).  We have had so many compliment about our first dance.  My mum cried and said she didn't know I was so elegant.......Kirsty and Neil

Wedding Dance choreography    The wedding was amazing thank you and we had a fantastic time thank you.  We managed to do the dance with a few adaptations because of my dress, but everyone loved it and thought it was beautiful. We are waiting for the pictures and will send them to you.........Natalie and Jonathan

Wedding Dance choreography 2012   We had the most wonderful day, it was a very special occasion! For the first time I needed to use some gentle persuasion to get Isabella on the dance floor but we did our dance to the ecstatic whoops and cheers of our guests! After the false start, because the band started the music before we were both ready, we restarted and got into step and nailed the performance in one go, although a few drinks may have tinted our rose glasses! We both thoroughly enjoyed the dance......David and Isabella

Wedding Dance choreography   I just wanted to say how wonderful you are, the dance was so much fun and everyone was dead impressed - more for the fact that I didn't break Lara's toes!! La looked stunning and that took away from my Dad dancing. You're a wonderful choreographer and completely put us at ease, it was also a huge amount of giggly fun and I would recommend you to anyone who (quire rightly) should have their first dance choreographed x All our love.......Dave & Lara

Wedding Dance choreography     We needed help for our first dance for our wedding and started as dancers pretty much from scratch.  Corinda helped us put something great together in 3 hours. She was easy to work with, passionate about what she does and an excellent teacher. We could not have done it without her.......Eleni and Ben

Wedding Dance choreography   We've been practising lots. Mark is really relaxed now. Thank you so much, this has helped us both dramatically..........Rachael & Mark

Wedding Dance choreography     We wanted to thank you very much for the lessons- we really enjoyed them and we were confident about doing the dance which I never thought would have been possible before we started. We had kept it a secret and all our guests were so surprised that we almost didn't have any photos! People are still talking about it and are saying that it shows how well Matt and I have grown together (Matt's parents and friends especially as they had never seen him dance properly before). We are also inspired to take up some dance classes once we've recovered from our wedding............Ouma & Matt

Wedding Dance choreography 2011     Corinda was an absolute star. I had quite an idea of what I wanted the dance to look like and the finished dance certainly exceeded my expectations - the routine fitted so beautifully to our chosen song. The whole process was very collaborative, and Corinda was so friendly and personable and really listened to our ideas as well as providing lots of her own. She managed to be both encouraging and strict, so we felt confident that we could do the dance but knew the areas we needed to work on (oh those fingers!). Overall we both really enjoyed the lessons and definitely impressed our guests, none of whom ever imagined that Barny could dance. Thank you..........Anne & Barny 

VOCOSA Educational Courses in the Arts, Creative ICT & Languages 2011      Corinda has lead a number of projects and one-off sessions for me over the past few years and all have been a huge success. She has inspired and engaged so many students in many styles of dance: samba, salsa, tribal, contemporary, street, hip-hop, and belly dancing. Performance skills, confidence and interaction between students have all developed enormously as a result of her sessions. Corinda manages to get the balance just right between teaching, learning, a feeling of self-achievement and fun!.......VOCOSA

First Wedding Dance choreography 2011     Corinda, Thanks again for your fantastic lessons, from that very first lesson you really inspired us to do something different to the usual boring first dance that you so often see couples doing... and even when it felt like we would never master even the most basic steps (who knew how hard it was!) you kept us going... until magically we slowly did begin to resemble a couple that could dance!!!      We both loved every moment of our first dance and felt totally confident in our routine, our guests jaws were on the floor and couldn't believe our secretly mastered Strictly Come Dancing skills!!  What a great way to get the evening of dancing off to a roaring success!!!........Guy & Danielle

Southampton Music Services 2010      I have known Corinda for many years and can definitely vouch for her energy, commitment and creative flair! Corinda has worked with young people in a variety of settings - in the classroom, for stage productions as well as supporting the individual student where one to one coaching has been required. Young people are instantly engaged and inspired in Corinda's company......Alita Mills, Director

Forge Education 2010     'Corinda is an inspiration and her passion for dance is transferred to students with stunning results.  She is dynamic and demands the highest standards from the young people she leads and they respond with extremely high levels of energy and commitment.  I would have no reservations in recommending Corinda to schools and other young people's organisations - her work is outstanding and they will not be disappointed' ...................David Evans, Managing Director, Forge Education (Educational Consultants)

First Wedding Dance choreography 2010    It was wonderful, such a happy day. The Dance went really well and everyone loved it. Thanks so much for your help with it, we were very happy with the results! It was a truly special moment and a real highlight of the day - and learning to dance together was an unexpectedly lovely experience!......Charlie

John Madejski Academy - Reading - 2010   'At the Madejski Academy we aim for excellence in all that we do.  The Arts are of particular importance to the Academy and dance is an increasingly important aspect of our students creative development.  This year's dance project 'The Samba Dance'  Carnival Project was highly successful due to the first class tuition by Corinda Hall and her specialist ability to encourage participating people to explore dance movement to allow them an expressive, exhilarating outlet, culminating in two group performances accompanied by Samba Drummers.  This is the second year we have engaged Corinda and we look forward to her continued support of the Arts at JMA.......Tommy Robinson, Lead Teacher Arts, JMA.